Young Entrepreneurs Below 20!

Young Entreprenuer below 20!

Get inspired today

Slonkit brings to you 3 individuals who started their business very early on in life. Our motto is that as an organization we want to create awareness among today’s youth to be responsible and be financially aware by bringing financial literacy among the young and growing youngsters.

We want to inspire the young and growing generation of today in terms of teaching them how to build and manage their business. Here are 3 inspirational young figures who started their own business before the age of 20:-

Arun Santhosh Kumar

Arun Santhosh Kumar

  1. Arjun Santhosh Kumar

Arjun is the founder and CEO of LateraLogics. He is a 10th grader who attends Velammal Vidhyshram High School in Chennai. His technology company focusses on custom app and web development along with providing consulting services. This schoolpreneur has also created two apps, namely Ez School Bus Locator and iSafeGuard at the young age of 13. Both his creations have won him many awards and accolades till date.

shravan & Sanjay Kumaran

shravan & Sanjay Kumaran

  1. Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran

They are the youngest entrepreneurs of India. These two techie brothers, aged, 12 and 14 respectively have started their own app development unit called Go Dimensions in 2011. They have already built over 11 mobile apps with 35000+ downloads and slowly rising. These two inspiring youngsters set an example for everyone around us.

King siddharta

King siddharta

  1. King Sidharta

A young boy from the backward sector of Northern India decided to start organizing small events and competitions among teens. King Sidharta started this epic entrepreneurial journey along with his friends at the ripe age of 19 years and is still going head strong with his company Createens. It is a platform for young talent to learn about blogging, entrepreneurship, etc. He is also an author and speaker.

To support our goal, we also groom, train and mentor young talent to develop their life skills. Our SkYe program, commonly known as Slonkit Young Entrepreneur Programme, is a platform for young and passionate individuals. Through this programme our purpose is to teach essential life skills that are required for setting up and managing your business.

All you have to do, is to get in touch with our Slonkit team by filling out your basic information on the link on our SkYe page: – http://www.slonkit.com/slonkit/contact-page/

You can also drop us an email at slonkit4u@slonkit.com and we will get back to you within 7 business working days.

With complete support from the Slonkit team, you will learn important skills like communication, marketing, technology integration, digital marketing etc.

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