5 money hacks that will make your pocket money last longer

Saving Smart“We were happier when we were kids.” How many times has this thought crossed your mind? Well, almost everyday if I may say. It was indeed the best time of anyone’s life. During this buzzing and high-on-excitement phase of life, kids and youngsters unarguably make memories to be cherished for life – the first bicycle, first phone, first dinner party with friends, and buying something on your own for the first time.

Amongst many others, like getting permission from parents for a nighout or preparing for a maths exam, making our pocket money last through the month was always the biggest challenge. Squeezing out every last rupee to pay for mobile recharges, snacks and tea at the college canteen with friends, and of course, that favorite Chinese joint that served the most amazing noodle soup.

We understand how difficult it can be, we have been through the same too. And so, to make your life easier, we bring you these cool money management tricks.


  1. Have a budget

Plan! Allocate a monthly budget for all your spend categories – food, bills, travel, entertainment, etc. And never, and we mean never, try to sneak out funds from other categories.

  1. Watch your spends

Spend wisely and do not miss out on saving on large spendings. Buying extravagant stuff and then cutting on your ‘snack budget’ doesn’t justify your spends.

  1. Offers all the way

Hunt for offers on everything you do. The internet is full of offers and discounts on almost everything under the sun. Consider it as having 10-20% extra pocket money.

  1. It’s OK to make mistakes

You will make mistakes, overspend, and find it hard to manage funds initially. Don’t worry! Learn from your mistakes and just hang in there buddy!


  1. Have a small ‘Splurge fund’

Great going champ! This is a reward for managing your pocket money well. So go berserk; treat, pamper, spoil yourself. You have earned it!

Follow these simple but cool tricks and your pockets will stay heavy until the month end. Unless, you burn a hole in the pocket (literally)!