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3 effective ways to increase fee collection and communication with students in your college

In old days when traditional methods were still in action, college management and staff had to constantly run behind students. Thy had to make constant phone calls to parents and children for completing their fee payments. In this digital age gone are the days of manual labor when you had to run behind students for fees and payment collection. We introduce you to Slonkit, India’s only money management mobile app to manage your college communication and fee collection in 1 click.

With Slonkit we provide seamless communications. Slonkit provides one unified platform to manage payments and communications with all students or select batches. All this can be done online with 1 mobile app within a few clicks. Now you don’t need to print multiple notices/circulars/announcements physically around the campus for classroom announcements.

Here are 3 effective ways how you can benefit by partnering with Slonkit :-

Online Fee Collection: – To save cost and improve process of fee collection we provide a web based application called COSMOS. Through this online application, you can now send payment notifications and reminders to all or select batches of your students. To automate the process of receipt generation and individual student fee payment using online payment, DD payment and receipt options, many education entities have started using automated fee collection of Slonkit.

Unified Messaging: – We simplify your communication process by reducing your efforts by 70 to 80%. Slonkit provides an online application. From this web based platform, you can send email, push notification, and SMS to all or select students. We also provide payment option within the message by giving a call-to-action button within the notification so the child can make her/his payment within 1 click.

Analytics and Insights: – You can easily track and quantify your payments received or pending through the monthly or weekly analytical report generation. Through the insight tab we give you detailed report about the messages and notifications sent. You can also check the number of fees collected and pending from which student. These select students can then be notified again directly from this application within 1 click.

Slonkit brings customized services to enable and make your college campus digital. So, join the digital revolution by making your payments digital and partner with Slonkit in this drive. There are many more benefits provided by digitizing your educational institution with Slonkit. To know more, do get in touch with us by writing to