Slonkit will enable colleges to create a cashless and digitized campuses. With Slonkit card and app, the students of these colleges will practise smarter money management. Slonkit aims to prepare a financially prudent generation that will helm the digital India revolution.

Slonkit College Partnership Programme

The Slonkit College Partnership Programme (SCPP) will create cashless and digitized campuses, enable students to practise smarter money management and also initiate various programmes that help students learn money management – an essential life skill!

SCPP Advisors

We are honoured to have renowned educationalists as our advisors. Their much solicited advice, feedback and guidance will help us further strengthen the SCPP program and continually improve the experience of using Slonkit to manage money smartly.

Slonkit Young Entrepreneur Programme

Slonkit Young Entrepreneur (SkYE) is a unique program which helps youngsters studying in college to get their first taste (more often than not) of entrepreneurship. SkYE is specially designed for millennials/ students to promote Slonkit across their network and increase its usage and recall. The SkYE’s will receive complete support by Slonkit team in their endeavours towards realizing this goal.