Slonkit MAX Benefits

Instant Transfer

Enjoy extra funding to your Slonkit card instantly.

Use Anywhere, Anytime

Use MAX amount as your own. Use it to make payments online or in-store.

Variety of Pay Back Options

Pay with your Slonkit card balance or pay via Debit card or UPI.

Convenient Pay Back Period

Enjoy Slonkit MAX amount with convenient pay back period of  30-45 days.

How to Use?

Refer a friend and accept the terms.


Choose and transfer the amount to your Slonkit card instantly.


Use it to make payments online or off-line.


Pay back later with wide-range of pay back options.

Where to Use?
One card to rule
them all.

Use your Slonkit card to make payments online or off-line.
One app to cool
them all.

Use your Slonkit app to avail, view and pay back your Slonkit MAX.


What is Slonkit MAX?
Slonkit MAX is a short-term funding facilitation offered to eligible Slonkit Card users through the Slonkit App, where you can avail a pre-defined amount and pay us back within the defined time period. It is an invite-only facility and the eligibility is decided based on your transaction history with Slonkit. To know more, click on the Slonkit MAX icon on your Slonkit App home-screen.

What is a SLONKIT MAX Membership?
We have various levels with different benefits. At present we have 4 levels of Slonkit MAX membership - Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Ruby.
What are the benefits of SLONKIT MAX?
With Slonkit MAX, you get MAXIMUM benefits like:
- Easy access to extra funding in a few clicks.
- Instant transfer of the amount to your Slonkit Card.
- It can be availed 24x7.
- It can be used online as well as offline.
- Multiple pay back options.
- Convenient pay back period.
What information is required to be submitted to get a Slonkit MAX invitation?
1. Submit your Facebook/Instagram profile link.
2. Provide your PAN (Permanent Account Number). If you do not have a PAN, please submit Form 60 details through the Slonkit App.

How can I get an invitation to Slonkit MAX?
Submit the required information like Facebook/Instagram/PAN details and keep transacting regularly using your Slonkit Card. Our algorithm will calculate your eligibility. If you are eligible, you will receive an invite.

I got a Slonkit MAX invite and I am Interested. What’s next?
Please do the following:
a. Refer a friend from your campus who is registered with Slonkit.
b. Agree and accept the terms and conditions.
c. Choose the amount you wish to avail and click ‘Transfer’.
d. The amount will be transferred to your Slonkit Card instantly.

What is Slonkit MAX limit?
Slonkit MAX limit is the maximum amount you can avail and transfer to your Slonkit card.

When can I avail my Slonkit MAX?
You can avail Slonkit MAX within 60 days from the day you accept the terms and conditions.

I have partially utilized Slonkit MAX limit and still have some balance left. When can I utilize the balance Slonkit MAX limit?
If you have utilized the Slonkit MAX limit partially, then you can utilize the balance Slonkit MAX limit within 21 days from the day of partial utilization.
What is convenience fees?
Convenience fee is a nominal amount levied only on the Slonkit MAX amount you avail. The convenience fees is 3.54% of the availed amount and is non-refundable.

When is the convenience fees charged?
It is charged when you avail Slonkit MAX.

How do I know about the convenience fees?
It is shown in ‘My Slonkit MAX Summary’ when you avail SLONKIT MAX.

What are the charges if I pay after the pay back date?
Always pay back Slonkit MAX on or before the Pay back date. In-case you miss your Pay back date, you get a grace period of 2 days, after which, the late pay back charges are as follows:

Outstanding Payback amount(in INR)

After 2 days from the end of the Grace period (in INR)

After 7 days from the end of the Grace period (in INR)

After 15 days from the end of the Grace period (in INR)

31st day and onwards from the end of the Grace period

< = 500




0.1475% of outstanding Payback amount will be charged daily up to the day of Payback

> 500 -1000




> 1000 – 1600




> 1600- 2000




>2000 – 2600




>2600 - 3000












The above mentioned charges are inclusive of all applicable taxes.
What is Pay back Amount?
Pay back amount means the availed Slonkit MAX amount plus the convenience fees including late pay back charges, if any, that you have to pay us back.

What is Pay back date?
Pay back date means the date before which you have to pay your Pay back amount. The tenure and Pay back date is calculated as below:

Avail date

Pay back date

Between 1st and 15th of the month

15th of the next month

Between 16th and last day of the month

Last day of the next month

For Example: If the Slonkit MAX amount is availed on 6th February 2019, the pay back date will be 15th March 2019. If the Slonkit MAX amount is availed on 16th February 2019, the pay back date will be 31st March 2019.  

How do I pay back?
You can pay Slonkit MAX in three ways. The process of payment is given below:

Pay via Slonkit Card balance
- On the pay back screen, check the box which says ‘Pay using your Slonkit Card balance’ and click ‘Pay’.

Pay via Debit Card
- On the pay back screen, Choose ‘Pay using Debit Card’
- Enter your 16-digit debit Card number, Card expiry date, 3 digit CVV and the OTP received on your registered mobile number.

Pay via UPI
- Enter your UPI ID (VPA) - To know, how to create your own UPI ID, click here!
- Click on the payment notification received from the app in which you created your UPI ID.
- Authenticate the payment with the respective password.
- Check your Slonkit app, your payment will be successful.

Will I get a reminder to pay back?
Yes. You will get regular reminders via app notifications.

Can I pay back Slonkit MAX in cash?
No. Slonkit MAX is a virtual facility available through your Slonkit app only. You can pay back using your Slonkit Card balance or via Debit Card or UPI.
Know your MAX Dashboard:

Assigned MAX
Assigned MAX is the maximum value up to which you can avail Slonkit MAX.

Availed MAX
The value you have already used out of your total Assigned MAX.

Available MAX
The available value you can utilize at that point of time.

Use Before
The date before which you can avail Slonkit MAX.

Slonkit MAX History
Details about all the past Slonkit MAXs availed.

Pay back amount
The amount you have to pay back i.e. Amount availed + convenience fees including late Pay back charges, if any. Please refer to the ‘Charges’ section to know about the charges.

Availed date
The date on which you avail the Slonkit MAX amount.

Pay back date
The date before which you have to pay the Pay back amount.

Terms and conditions of Slonkit MAX.

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