The Game:  #SlonkitIndiaQuiz is a quiz contest which will start on 23rd January 2016 and end on 27th January 2016

3 lucky winners, every 15 minutes, 3 hours a day for 5 days!

  1. #SlonkitIndiaQuiz is an exciting quiz contest, with 60 questions posted to all registered Slonkit users (registered as youngsters and children) over a period of 5 days as mentioned above
  2. During the entire duration of #SlonkitIndiaQuiz, there would be a three-hour window each day. During this window, one question will appear on your Slonkit mobile screen, every 15 minutes
  3. There will be a total of 12 questions (4 per hour, for 3 hours) on each day. The three-hour window will be a continuous window.
  4. 3 hour window of #SlonkitIndiaQuiz would be from 6 pm to 9 pm on all days from 23rd Jan, 2017 to 27th Jan 2017.
  5. You must “Sign in” to Slonkit and answer the question correctly to enter a lucky draw and win exciting prizes
  6. Only the first answer given by the user for any question will be considered
  7. The lucky winners for the day would be posted on Slonkit’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages on the next working day. Do ensure that you like our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages and check if you are among the lucky winners.

Lucky Winners will receive a cashprize of Rs. 25 in their Slonkit card. There will be three lucky winners per question.

Golden Hours:

  1. Every day, there will be a Golden hour from 8 pm to 9 pm. During this hour, the value of the prize would double.

Lucky Winners, from among those who answer the questions correctly, will receive a cashprize of Rs. 50 in their Slonkit card during the Golden hour. There will be three lucky winners per question during the golden hour.

Milestone prizes

Fastest to reach milestone scores like 10,20,30,40.50,60.

Winners: 3 winners (who are the fastest to reach the milestone score and post their screenshot on Slonkit’s facebook page and use # SlonkitIndiaQuiz) will get cashprize equal to twice their milestone score. There would be a cashprize equal to twice the value of the milestone score at every milestone i.e. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60. For eg: If you are the among the three fastest Slonkiteers to reach a milestone score of 50, you will receive a cashprize of Rs. 100 in your Slonkit card.


  1. On completion of the 60 questions, all Slonkiteers should post their scores on the Facebook page with #SlonkitIndiaQuiz
  2. The highest scorer will win a special prize (the #GrandIndianCashprize).
  3. In case of a tie, the highest scorer who posts the screenshot with the highest score first on Slonkit Facebook page will be the winner.

Winner: Grand cashprize of Rs. 500

Eligibility for playing and winning the #SlonkitIndiaQuiz


  • All Slonkit users registered as youngsters or children are eligible to play
  • If you have not registered on Slonkit yet, please register yourself as a youngster or child and order/ request for a Slonkit card. Once you successfully register and order yourself a card, you would be eligible to play the #SlonkitIndiaQuiz contest
  • To be eligible for winning cash prizes, please ensure that you have made at least one transaction using Slonkit card in the month of January 2017
  • The transaction must be a POS transaction or online transaction or a mobile recharge of minimum Rs. 200. Wallet transfers or Go-Dutch transactions won’t be considered.
  • The Milestone prizes can be availed only once per user. For e.g.: If you avail the prize for milestone 10, then you cannot avail milestone prizes for 20, 30,40,50,60. However, you can continue playing and can win the #GrandIndianCashprize .
  • Parents registered on Slonkit are not eligible for participation
  • The employees of Slonkit (Sienna Systems Resources Private Ltd.) and their children will not be eligible for participation
  • Slonkit reserves the final right to declare the winners. Slonkit’s decision will not be questioned or challenged.
  • Slonkit also reserves the rights to change the rules of the game at any point in time if the need arises .