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Digital Campus - Slonkit

Slonkit, is the first-of-its-kind money management app linked to a physical VISA card that enables today’s educational institutions to embark on the journey of creating a digital and cashless campus. The platform aims to change the way colleges converse about money and how they handle their payments and communicate with their students and internal facility managers, such as librarians, custodians of labs and gymnasiums etc.

We provide a VISA powered Prepaid Card with RFID integrated capabilities and a state-of-the-art backend technology platform which can empower educational institutions to build integrated cashless ecosystems.

Your college can benefit from Slonkit in the following ways:-

RFID and Prepaid Card - Slonkit

  1. RFID cum reloadable prepaid card

Slonkit card can be used for tracking attendance of students using its RFID features. This card can also act as the Student ID/Institution ID card as it will bear the student’s name, admission number, photograph and the college logo. The student can also add money on to the card and use it at merchant outlets anywhere in India as well as online.

COSMOS our payment dashboard - Slonkit


We, at Slonkit, work towards making your life simpler. We provide Slonkit Cashless Campus Management dashboard to your college. With this web application, you can seamlessly collect payments, communicate with students, view usage of in-campus facilities such as library, stationery shop etc. using one dashboard. This financial-management platform can be customized as per your college requirements.  This dashboard will give you one-stop access to data and insights and act as a reach-out medium, thereby bringing in seamless administration and management of activities in the institution.
Payment fulfillment and notifications


3. Payment fulfillment and notifications:

You don’t have to run behind students anymore or keep chasing them for their outstanding payments.   We provide a complete payment fulfillment and notification platform within COSMOS. The administrators of the college, or any assigned authority, can use COSMOS to send a fee payment notification to students. This notification comes into their Slonkit app with the option to Pay. With the click of a button, the student can pay her/his fee directly thereafter from the Slonkit app. This works well for the students as they do not have to stand in long queues and for the administration of the college as they do not have to manage cash, print receipts etc. Payments as well as record of payments is totally digitalized.

As India goes digital and cashless, it is the apt time for your reputed educational institution to go digital and add a very important feather to its glorious cap.

Slonkit would love to partner with you in this journey of creating a cashless and digital educational campus for you. Please drop a line at slonkit4u@slonkit.com for our representatives to get in touch with you and demonstrate how we “Digitalize educational institutions”.

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