Slonkit Parents

Wondering what a “Slonkit parent” is? A Slonkit parent is a responsible yet cool parent. A parent who gives monthly allowances to his/her children and allow them to manage it independently. A parent who uses the Slonkit app to get regular updates on the child’s spend and guides the child with interesting insights to manage money smartly.

  • Presenting Slonkit!

    Wish to be a responsible and cool parent? Get Slonkit today!

The Slonkit card bearing your child’s name will be delivered to your registered address in 10 working days and he/she can start using Slonkit from that very moment!

  • What is Slonkit?

    Slonkit is a reloadable prepaid VISA card linked to the Slonkit mobile app. Available on Android and iOS, this app enables you to create a Slonkit card and give monthly allowances to your child. You can also transfer small sums instantly, create budgets, analyse your child’s spend across categories, set alerts, set daily spend limits and most importantly, provide your child with a great tool to learn smarter money management.

  • Benefits

    peacemind-3Responsible Freedom: 

    Gift your children responsible freedom with Slonkit. Shed your apprehensions, give them their monthly allowance at once and let them take control

    peacemind-3Be there, always:  

    If your children are stranded without cash, you can transfer money on to their card in seconds and empower them to make purchases. With Slonkit, you can virtually be with your children, always!

    peacemind-3Spend Updates:

    Get real-time updates on your child’s “spend” across different categories such as food, travel, shopping etc.

    peacemind-3Teach money management:

    Use the Slonkit app to set budgets, transaction limits, and build guide rails for your children to learn money management – an important life skill!

    Safe and Secure:

    The Slonkit card is not linked to a bank account. You can add a maximum of Rs. 10,000 per month on the card. If the card is lost or stolen, it can be suspended in one click. It just cannot get safer than this.