Let’s remonetize India with cashless campus!

Let’s remonetize India with cashless campus! Remonetization means the return of currency or valuable metal for trading like silver or gold, or coins or bank notes that were not previously used as money. Remonetization might be used by a country that has suffered from an extreme bout of inflation and currency devaluation in order to restore a means of exchange within its economy.

As the nation marches towards remonetisation, it’s time we take a leap forward by contributing towards this movement by enabling colleges and universities with digital cashless payment systems. We at Slonkit help you to lay emphasis on online transactions by providing convenience and tangible benefits to your organization as well as students.

Slonkit is India’s first money management app linked to an RFID enabled re-loadable prepaid VISA card. It can facilitate all transactions at various touch points inside the campus and can double up as the institution ID card for the students. To incentivise the move towards a cashless campus we have come up with a dash of discounts and offers on digital transactions.

Some more benefits of going cashless are as follows:-

  1. Multiple uses for payment on/off campus

Slonkit card can be used by your students and institution employees for all kind of payments like fees, miscellaneous expenses, library charges, canteen charges etc. For eg, Student A wants to pay for the canteen, the parent can load money on her/his Slonkit card, the student must only go and swipe his/her card at the canteen for the food her/his ordered. They don’t need to carry any cash with them. Similarly, the student A can use the same card to pay his/her library fees or term fees at the college payment counter.

  1. VISA branded card for each student

I am sure we all agree that having your own personalised card with your photograph that can be used at multiple outlets across India for payments within and outside your college campus is kind of cool! We provide a personalised VISA branded card for each student and faculty of your campus. The best part about Slonkit VISA card is that it is not connected to any bank. It’s a prepaid Visa card so you can also load money to your card from an e-wallet and simply start using your card to make payments.

  1. Offers and discounts

We want youngsters to learn and become financially responsible. Our motto is to create a financially prudent generation who know their finances well and can manage it effectively. For this, we have offers and discounts on our mobile app which when availed can help educate to save money effectively.

  1. Slonkit features

The Slonkit is a mobile application that provides as array of features for communicating with your students. It’s a unified tool for communication with your students and merchants. We also provide some more features on your dashboard to manage your payments, online alerts, notifications, attendance tracking, etc through a system built exclusively for colleges/students.

The web interface named COSMOS parents and children have their own versions of the app. Slonkit is one such a card that would fetch you great offers and discounts at the same time teach youngsters and teenagers financial responsibility as well. It is aimed at creating a younger generation to be financially smart and it is also the only VISA powered prepaid card with your own name on it. A parent and child can register and order a Slonkit card and keep track of expenses, create budgets, avail discounts and offers through the Slonkit mobile app. Slonkit is a one of its kind prepaid card and can be availed as early at the young age of 10 years and above. The children get a reloadable prepaid card, which they can use to make transactions at online and offline outlets.

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