Slonkit Republic Quiz Challenge

We know you are a true Slonkiteer but are you a true Indian? Do you know enough about one of the greatest days of the past that is celebrated throughout the country?

It is time for you to boast about India in front of your friends and make yourself a proud Indian!

Here are some quick facts about Republic Day every Indian should know. So, are you ready for the challenge? Let’s see how many of them you already knew and how many of them took you by surprise.


  1. The first Republic Day was celebrated three years after we got Independence that is, on January26, 1950. Actually, it took Dr. B. R. Ambedkar 2 years and 11 months to draft the Indian Constitution.


  1. During the Republic Day parade, a Christian song “Abide With Me” is played and it is considered as one of Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite songs.


  1. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India took the Oath of Presidency (at Dubar Hall of government house) for the first time on January 26th, 1950.


  1. On January 26th, 1965, Hindi was declared the national language of India.


  1. On January 26, 1930, India pledged to fight for complete freedom or Purna Swaraj. And that is why, our freedom fighters wanted the date to hold the significance. Consequently, January 26, 1950 was chosen for India to become a sovereign state.


  1. Our Constitution has the best aspects of the Constitution of other countries. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity was adopted from French Constitution while the Five-Year Plan came from the USSR Constitution.


  1. Another fun fact about India is that it holds the record of having the world’s longest Constitution with 448 Articles in total.


  1. President Sukarno, Indonesia’s first President attended Republic Day celebrations as the first Chief Guest.


  1. The importance of Republic Day could be estimated by the fact that it is a three day long affair with celebrations ending on 29th January with a Beating Retreat Ceremony.


  1. The first Republic Day parade was held at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium and was attended by 15,000 civilians.


  1. On the 1st Republic Day in the year 1950 at 10:30 AM, a 31-gun salute took place to congratulate our first President.


  1. On the Republic Day, the Indian Air Force came into existence. Before this, the Indian Air Force was a controlled body; but after Republic Day, Indian Air Force became an independent body.


  1. One interesting fact about Indian Constitution is that it is handwritten in two languages- Hindi & English. It was signed by 308 members on January 24th, 1950 and became effective two days later.


  1. The eve of Republic Day is chosen to announce a majority of National awards like Bharat Ratna, Kirti Chakra and Padma Awards.


  1. Before the Indian Republic Day came into force, India followed Government of India Act, 1935 laid by the British Government.


So, now that you have read all about it, let’s see how many of them did you get right.

0-4: Don’t worry, you are normal. You belong to 75% of the population who are unaware of these facts.

5-8: You are the curious kind and you know a thing or two about India. Good job!

9-12:  You are smart. You like to read and definitely know a lot about the country. Be proud of yourself.

13-15: Bullseye! You nailed it. You are just awesome. Give yourself a pat on the back and ask your friends to bow down to you.


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See you until next time.

Team Slonkit wishes you a Happy Republic Day.


Jai Hind!

Team Slonkit.