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Steps to teach money management to your kids

  Kids are all about having games, playing games and buying more games. The desire to want something starts at a very early age and kids are considered to be one of the most impulsive buyers. After all, the teenage years are all about school, games and the never-ending requests for money. Some parents find […]


10 things to do on this Republic Day

Are you in for another challenge? As Republic Day is around the corner, we want to take all you Slonkiteers on a Fun Desi Ride to fuel your pride of being Indian. Here are quick things you can do this Republic Day as a fun exercise. Go Desi. This Republic Day, we request all Slonkiteers […]



Slonkit Republic Quiz Challenge We know you are a true Slonkiteer but are you a true Indian? Do you know enough about one of the greatest days of the past that is celebrated throughout the country? It is time for you to boast about India in front of your friends and make yourself a proud […]

Teenagers are future ready: the cashless economy is here!

With demonetization on the table for a while now, the gen-z has adapted to the cashless ecosystem faster than other generations due to their pre understanding of the digital age. It is believed teens are four times less-likely to use cash at retail stores than the general public. Gone are the days when only malls […]


5 money hacks to make your child money smart

5 money hacks to make your child money smart      – By Javed Tapia   It’s always great to see young kids embrace teenage, but with teenage comes great challenges. Teenage brings about a transition where kids are encouraged to move away from a carefree existence to a partially responsible one. This is also […]


Be a part of the digital revolution, Make your campus digital!

Slonkit, is the first-of-its-kind money management app linked to a physical VISA card that enables today’s educational institutions to embark on the journey of creating a digital and cashless campus. The platform aims to change the way colleges converse about money and how they handle their payments and communicate with their students and internal facility managers, […]


Let’s remonetize India with cashless campus!

Remonetization means the return of currency or valuable metal for trading like silver or gold, or coins or bank notes that were not previously used as money. Remonetization might be used by a country that has suffered from an extreme bout of inflation and currency devaluation in order to restore a means of exchange within […]


5 things schools won’t teach your child, but you must!

We send our children to the best schools out there. CBSE, ISCE, IB, Cambridge … every parent aspires the best curriculum and school to ensure the overall development of their children. The schools have successfully churned out doctors, engineers, scientists, and even sportspersons. However, one of the most important life skills is not that often […]