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3 ways to quit tobacco on this World No Tobacco Day

Tobacco day message from Slonkit

Tobacco is one of the biggest reason for deaths worldwide. One in 10 people die every day and one in 4 die every day in India. “Despite more than half a century of unequivocal evidence of the harmful effects of tobacco on health, today, one in every four men in the world is a daily smoker, “said senior author Dr Emmanuela Gakidou, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, USA. “Smoking remains the second largest risk factor for early death and disability, and so to further reduce its impact we must intensify tobacco control to further reduce smoking prevalence and attributable burden. “

World No tobacco Day Message by slonkit

According to the government of India, 5,500 youth start tobacco every day. 35% of adults consume some form or the other. 25% of females use tobacco before the age of 15. There are numerous ways to quit tobacco, every method may vary a little and the success factor will be dependent on several factors like an individual’s commitment, how determined she/he is to quit and what is the amount of willpower. These and many other personal factors determine the success rate for each individual.

This World No Tobacco Day we would like to take up this initiative to help youngsters and all alike in their battle towards quitting consumption of all of tobacco.

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Here are 3 ways you can help your friends or yourself to quit tobacco: –

  1. Nicotine Replacement Chip

World No Tobacco Day message by Slonkit

Most people get into nicotine therapy. This therapy would involve applying nicotine patches, nicotine lozenges or some other form of nicotine therapy. This would ensure reducing the amount of nicotine in your body. This would enable your body to get used to finally get rid of the nicotine from your body slowly. Also, this would help you to feel the effects of nicotine on your body so you won’t be suffering from strong withdrawal effects. Nicotine therapy mostly works the best for the largest number of people.

2. Avoid triggers

World No Tobacco Day message by Slonkit

In most situations, there are certain triggers that cause cravings in people to smoke or enjoy your tobacco punch. For most people, that trigger is the most stressful situation to control. For other, there may be a fixed time, place and people with whom they smoke or have tobacco, pipe, cigar etc.

As you move towards quitting tobacco, these triggers become stronger and create more cravings. To ensure you live a tobacco free life, make sure you control your mind and so that you may not activate these cravings. Experts advise to divert your mind, be strong and determined during such tough times.

3. Slowly but surely

World No Tobacco Day Message by Slonkit

Another method popularly used is by slowly cutting down on tobacco consumption. This is the perfect solutions for heavy or chain smokers who are really deep in this habit. You can start to cut back on your tobacco usage day by day and week to week.

Take yourself from 2 packet to 1 or from 10 cigarettes a day to 1 and finally quit. This will help you to control the amount of nicotine and help you to resist your cravings.

Every method mentioned here have its pros and cons. These ideas may work for some or everybody, it all depends upon person to person. Someone may quit in a week, someone might do it in a month. Key thing to remember is not to get discouraged and frustrated. Keep your will power strong and be consistent in your effort to achieve success. Quitting tobacco is a personal decision and everyone must find their own best way to do so.

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