How not to be young and broke – 7 steps to easy savings!

How not to be young and broke – 7 steps to easy savings!

Young and broke, these words often find themselves in each other’s company. So much, so often, that they are on the verge of being synonymous.

Being young is often about being broke, struggling to meet expenses, surviving the month, Maggi for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and always on the hunt for deals and discounts that could help you save a few precious bucks.

We know how important pocket money is and to help you make it last longer, here are a few interesting money hacks:

  1. Knowledge is gold!

When you know your expenses for the month right at the start, it will help you plan your expenses better.

  1. Kill the bills!

Get rid of your fixed monthly expenses by 5th of every month – mobile bills, internet bills, train/bus pass, etc.

  1. Set a target!

Target a minimum amount to be saved every month. Save it, and then spend the rest. Not the other way around.

  1. Don’t touch your savings!

Your savings are not for those extravagant headphones or other gadgets. Plan and spend for non-essential things from surplus, not from savings.

  1. Start saving today for future expenses

You have been closely following the next super cool smartphone to be launched next season. When you wish to buy it, then why not start saving for it today?

  1. Be a deal hunter

The best way to save on purchases is to know when to buy and from where?
Check out multiple shopping platforms, options and substitutes to get the best price.

  1. Have ‘Surprise’ money

Make use of your apps and the smartphone you bought. Keep some spare funds in all your digital wallets. They will come in handy when these wallets have offers and also serve as an additional boost when you have no cash. Surpirse yourself with these extra funds.

So, what we are saying is, being broke is a part of life. But, you can be a super-saver and be as cool as a superhero.