10 things to do on this Republic Day

Are you in for another challenge? As Republic Day is around the corner, we want to take all you Slonkiteers on a Fun Desi Ride to fuel your pride of being Indian.

Here are quick things you can do this Republic Day as a fun exercise.

  1. Go Desi.

This Republic Day, we request all Slonkiteers to go Desi. Jeans and Shirts are cliché. You got to be exclusive. Be different. You can opt to wear Khaadi clothes, dresses with bandhani design or wear traditional Indian attire.

  1. Watch patriotic Movies.

It’s time for Binge Watching! I know you love to spend entire day in front of the TV, but on this Republic Day, do it for a reason. Watch some famous Bollywood movies like Border, LOC, Legend of Bhagat Singh, etc.

  1. Read some facts about Republic Day.

We have uploaded some quick facts about Republic Day that you can read and boast about to your friends. There is no greater pride than knowing facts about your country.

  1. Know your Flag.

This Republic Day, know what your Flag means? Read about interesting articles about the true meaning behind the tricolor and Ashoka chakra.

  1. Experience a flag hoisting ceremony.
    You can visit your nearest government or public building and experience the feeling of a flag hoisting. You could also sing the national anthem there.
  1. Speak in Hindi for a day.

I know that this might be a tough task for most of you out there but try creating a fun game out of it. Invite friends over, speak in Hindi throughout and see how long you can hold your place. You can play a game on English to Hindi translation.

  1. Strictly follow Dry Day.

We know it’s a day to celebrate and enjoy but we can do it without alcohol too. Invite friends over to your place and enjoy some food & music. You can brighten the mood by playing a quiz, making a patriotic rangoli/ sketch, playing patriotic antakshari or dressing up like one of the freedom fighters.

  1. Respect your flag.

Everybody loves sticking a flag on their cars and bikes to show their love towards the country. But often, on the next day, the flags are seen on the streets blown by the wind or cleared by vehicle wash. Look out for those Flags, pick them up and store them with pride.

  1. Eat Desi.

Forget Chinese, Pizza and Burger for a day. Ask your parents to cook something desi or traditional and enjoy the desi taste with your family.

  1. Continue with your patriotism.

You are not just an Indian for a day. Your love towards the country should be consistent and forever. Be a proud Indian.

So, take your inner Desi on a treat this Republic Day and be the change! Share your photos on Slonkit’s Facebook page about all the desi stuff you pull off. We would love to see your inner Indian.

Slonkit wishes you a Happy Republic Day.

Jai Hind.

Team Slonkit

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